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God iFriendship with Jesus- Covers very good! As providence would have it, my second grade classes just finished reading/studying Amy Welborn’s book Friendship with Jesus. What a better way to connect with current events than to have just wrapped up two weeks of reflecting on the Pope’s wisdom?!

Friendship with Jesus is a beautiful dialogue between Pope Benedict and children preparing for their First Communion. Amy Welborn is the editor and Ann Kissane Engelhart is the illustrator. (Great interview with Ann Engelhart here!) First I read the book aloud the children and then they went back and reread it on their own. We made our own journals of our friendship with Jesus, comprised of reflection questions, illustrations, and scripture quotes.

My favorite part of the book is when Pope Benedict describes Eucharistic Adoration as “an embrace with Jesus.” I am very blessed to have a weekly hour of Eucharistic Adoration as part of my community prayer. Furthermore, it’s a gift to teach in a school where we have Exposition and a time of quiet in front of the Blessed Sacrament each week. For the second graders, this is an especially powerful time of prayer as they look to deepen their friendship with Jesus and look forward to their First Communion in a few months!

Please pray for us and know that we’re praying for you!  And certainly hold in prayer our beloved Holy Father and his successor!


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