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A snapshot of life in the convent. The other weekend, we postulants were fortunate enough to have a weekend off to spend at our lake/retreat house tucked in the woods of central Connecticut. The weather was agreeable so we christened the paddle boat for its first ride of the season to the island. As you can tell, it’s early spring and the grass isn’t quite green yet. But we had a great time nonetheless. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough to picnic and go swimming.


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Happy New Year!

A blessed 2010 to all readers.

Just a note to say the blog will be updated in the near future (by the end of the month).

Please stay tuned!

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38 days until Connecticut!

Not that I’m counting or anything…. Still in St. Louis, very busy working, cat/house sitting, and taking road trips on the weekends.

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Blog Changes

I’m doing a bit of blog-cleaning. A few things have changed:

  • the “Donate” tab (across the top of the page) is now “Supporting Religious Life”. There is now information on how to support others who face eradicating loans before they can enter religious life.
  • the “Contact Information” tab has been shorted to “Contact”. All the information remains the same. I will post my mailing address in place of my email when I move to limited email access.
  • the “More about Katie and the Apostles” tab is now “Journey to the Apostles.” All the information remains the same.

If you have suggestions for how to organize my blog, or have topics you’d like to see me address in the near future, please let me know as I’m happy to share.

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