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So we’re back to Ordinary Time. But it took us a while to get here. These first few “ordinary” Sundays have their own solemnity–Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi (this past Sunday and the week before, respectively). It’s not until we’re well into the month of June that we see an “green” Sunday.

The chapel here in our Juniorate House is back to green. Same with our yard and the trees in the neighborhood. I enjoy this long “ordinary” time of the liturgical year. If my summer is anything like yours, it’s busy, full of exciting happenings and travels. Amidst all these changes and differences, the liturgical year beats a steady beat, a constant rhythm that reminds me of what’s truly important–praising God, growing closer to Jesus, and sharing the love of his Sacred Heart.

Earlier this year I painted a liturgical calendar for the atrium. (Very well made by Ken Wood–thanks Ken!) In Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, the materials we use are to be “simple and poor” and are preferably made by the catechist’s own hands (see Points of Reflection #18 and 25). Some of the fruits of creating this calendar came in sharing the process with my sisters in community, some of whom are not familiar with CGS. There was great joy in watching the colors come to life before my eyes and gradually come together into a recognizable whole. I also have tremendous appreciation for my parents who served as benefactors in donating the material to the atrium.

So, as summer days lengthen and we enter the longest season of the Church year, may your faith deepen and grow. May it be a time of blessing and renewal. May these “ordinal Sundays” teach us to “number our days aright… and grow in wisdom of heart…” (Psalm 90:12).

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