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“There are Alleluias everywhere!” exclaimed one student upon entering the atrium. Indeed, there were! I know we’re four weeks into Easter now, but it’s still going on–we can still shout ALLELUIA! After burying our Alleluias on Ash Wednesday, some of my younger students struggled to not proclaim the “A-word” when they came to the atrium. Some kids even stopped by to check on the wicker basket under the prayer table to make sure they were still there.

Then, after a long spring break, we returned–almost 50 days after we had turned our prayer table purple. We processed in, carrying beautiful objects to add to our prayer table. And yes, we sang a lot of Alleluias. These photos feature the banner I made above our prayer table, as well as our Paschal candle. Ours was generously donated to us by our pastor. The cross is actually a monstrance, with the alpha and omega at the bottom. I added in the numbers for the current year. It’s a beautiful and striking addition to our prayer table.

I can’t find the exact citation, but I’ll give him credit anyway. St. Augustine summed up the Christian life well:

“We are an Easter people and ‘Alleluia’ is our song!”


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