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Lenten Thoughts

Here we are into our third week of Lent. Many people I know give up or reduce their time on the internet or blogs during Lent and here I am trying to resurrect mine. In trying to shed some light on life in the convent, I thought it appropriate to begin by sharing with you how my community is praying during our preparations for Easter. Our theme is “Embracing the World You have given us..” which is taken from the alternative opening prayer for the Fifth Sunday of Lent:

Father in heaven,
the love of your Son led him to accept the suffering of the cross
that his brothers might glory in new life.
Change our selfishness into self-giving.
Help us to embrace the world you have given us,
that we may transform the darkness of its pain
into the life and joy of Easter.

After much thought and planning, the sisters planning our Lenten Prayer events offered us six prayer intentions to pray during each week of Lent stemming from our theme.

Week of Feb. 21: For the decline of moral relativism in Western society.

Week of Feb. 28: For religious and political freedom in North Vietnam.

Week of Mar. 7: That world leaders, especially in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan might put greater energy into alleviating poverty in their countries.

Week of Mar. 14: For peace in the Congo and in Sudan.

Week of Mar. 21: For greater financial integrity among the wealthy in our country, and for our commitment to the common good.

Week of Mar. 28: For reconciliation among the peoples of Rwanda.

The Lenten Prayer Cross outside our chapel with images that invite us to embrace the world you have given us. (Artwork by Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ)

Please join us in prayer as we look to embrace the world we live in and look for the life and joy of Easter.


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