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Wow… where to begin. It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been here in Connecticut for a month. Some days it feels like it’s barely been a few days, and other days it feels like I’ve been here for ages (in a good way, not a bad way). Thanks to all who’ve sent notes and pictures sharing your prayers and words of support.

I’ve been blessed with many new experiences so far. We’ve taken trips to the Bronx and Washington, D.C. I’m also very involved in ministry. A few days each week I visit with the older sisters in our retirement home. Two or three days a week I also help teach freshman religion in our all-girls high school (attached to the building where I live… so nice). The weather is also turning into a nice fall and we’re eagerly awaiting the changing leaves to take in some more of the east coast scenery.

Here is a link to a photo album of pictures chronicling some of the adventures we’ve had so far. (Yes, the link is to facebook, but you do not have to be registered to view the photos.)

**Stay tuned I hope to post in another month or so.**


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