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Blog Changes

I’m doing a bit of blog-cleaning. A few things have changed:

  • the “Donate” tab (across the top of the page) is now “Supporting Religious Life”. There is now information on how to support others who face eradicating loans before they can enter religious life.
  • the “Contact Information” tab has been shorted to “Contact”. All the information remains the same. I will post my mailing address in place of my email when I move to limited email access.
  • the “More about Katie and the Apostles” tab is now “Journey to the Apostles.” All the information remains the same.

If you have suggestions for how to organize my blog, or have topics you’d like to see me address in the near future, please let me know as I’m happy to share.


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Sacred Heart by Jack, age 6

Sacred Heart by Jack, age 6

(This was supposed to automatically post on June 19, but it didn’t. Better late than never.) Happy Feast of Sacred Heart! Today is a great day to celebrate this wonderful feast. In a fluke of coincidental calendars (the feast of the Sacred Heart is a “moveable” feast and the date changes each year), today is my parent’s wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!! It is also the last day of retreat for a group of high school students I’ve been with this past week here in northern Michigan. Sacred Heart spirituality (as a whole and in particular to “my” community) is a pretty big topic–too large to be covered here. But suffice it to say that this week, these teenagers have shown me in very concrete ways the love of the heart of Christ. The Feast of the Sacred Heart calls us to remember the very particular ways our God loves us, opens his broken heart to us, and invites us to share that love with others. Below is a prayer I found after I googled “Sacred Heart” and “simple prayer.” It’s quite beautiful. Happy Feast to All!!

Heart of the Master

I search for Your face
In the clouds, in the breeze on my face,
Between the lines I read and hear,
Everywhere I search
Hoping for a glimpse of You,
Watching, longing for Your Presence.
Amidst the shallow dreariness of the world,
I push the dark and gray aside
Searching for Your Light.

Like a child who thrives on little,
This heart leaps
From a few words, a small glimpse.
It takes little to satisfy,
Yet this heart is forever
Longing for Your embrace.

Though fascinated with Your thoughts,
In awe of Your beauty,
It is Your sacred, pure Love
That feeds this heart.
This Love that heals wounds,
This Love that soothes the soul,
The Love that is Life.

Your Sacred Heart joyfully gathers Your children,
For such, You said, is the Kingdom of God.
For the heart of the child reveals
The Heart of the Master.


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Hello to all friends and supporters! I have exciting news to share. Many of you have been closely watching my thermometer grow higher and higher in the weeks since my bingo. I have wonderful news:

I have paid off both of my loans!!

The overwhelming support I’ve received from friends and strangers alike, combined with the generous opportunity to work three jobs, allowed me to pay off these loans much sooner than anticipated. Additionally, I have nearly all of my room and board for next year paid. ‘Thank you’ does not even begin to come close to describing my gratitude towards God and all who have- inĀ  many ways, shapes, and forms- “supported my habit”.

As promised, I will do my best to continue to update this blog with highlights of where this journey leads me. Please check back often and feel free to email me with any questions you might have about being a Catholic sister or how I’ve journeyed on this path.

May God bless you all abundantly…

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